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of CISO believe their companies have embraced remote work as permanent work flow


of fortune 2000 CISOs believe that employee productivity would improve if less security restrictions were imposed


of breaches start with an endpoint. There are now more endpoints out of office than ever before.

Looking at the problems that arose with the pandemic, we focus on making everyday work life easier and less frustrating. We have three key solutions which we believe can streamline our everyday work life. 

OUR Solutions

Secure Collaboration

Best-in-class encryption, including customizable cryptography and national encryption sets

Isolated Workspace

Rethink DaaS!

Hysolate is the first secure virtual desktop that runs locally.

Zero-Trust Network Access

Malicious actors can't attack what they can't see!

Due to Covid-19, the business world has changed drastically. With majority of employees working from home, it is harder for CISOs to secure their companies assets. CISOs struggle the most finding the balance between security and productivity


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