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Government and Defense

A staggering 43% of cyber-attacks are targeted against governmental institutions

Government and defense customers need flexible encryption algorithm options and safe working across disparate teams. Adeya security solutions build cyber success.

Government is a prime target for cybercriminals and security threats

In a survey conducted by the UK’s iGov agency, it was found that 76% of local councils had been hit by a cyber-attack *.

The sector has complex communication needs that can be mission critical with time-sensitive data. This data often needs to be communicated and collaborated on, across disparate teams, who may also be remote and in the field.

Complex communication requires flexible and secure solutions
Group and communication management within a governmental and defense context has special requirements, often requiring a high level of team isolation and stringent control over group access. However, at the same time, group access must be fluid. This level of fluidity with security is provided by our state-of-the-art communication solution.

One of the most urgent pain points for the government and defense sector is to secure the communications of mobile workers. To meet GDPR and mitigate data security risks, Adeya’s messaging solution meets the security and privacy needs of the sector.

Adeya provides the highest grade of encryption to secure your communications

Adeya provides government and defense agencies, such as Parliament, Ministry of Interior, Civil Police, National Guards, and Intelligence Services, with the highest grade of encryption to secure their communications.

Government and defense require tailored, specialist solutions
Governments often need special consideration. To accommodate these, we offer integration with existing MDM solutions to provide easy on-boarding and reduce training needs. We also provide integration with specific custom national cryptographic algorithms on a per country basis to ensure compliance.

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