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Secure Local Virtual Desktop

One device. Many Uses. Each isolated in its own workspace

The Hysolate Difference

Strong VM-based isolation

Deployable on a mass scale in minutes

No need to install and manage an additional OS image

Eliminate data center costs

Secure Desktop for Today’s Hybrid Workforce

Hysolate helps companies to either protect their corporate endpoints with an isolated workspace for risky activities, or secure corporate access from unmanaged endpoints with a strong, VM-based, isolated workspace.
Hysolate keeps applications and data completely separate between the user’s host operating system and the Hysolate Workspace, essentially splitting a user’s endpoint into two segregated zones, each running in its own OS.

User Experience is Priority



of fortune 2000 CISOs believe that employee productivity would improve if less security restrictions were imposed

restrict downloading 3rd party apps such as:

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 2.51.37 PM.png

That's why we focus on the User Experience. If employees need to switch between devices in order to access certain websites, apps, and content, they may avoid the task all together. 


The Hysolate Workspace is a simple and intuitive extension of the user’s workstation.


Consistent with all regional settings from the user’s primary environment.


Friendly user invitation and onboarding process, no training required workstation.


Simplified and customisable folders, settings, and start menu options.


Easy switch to the isolated workspace environment with a simple hotkey.


Website and document redirection features.


For a short introduction on our solution please view the video bellow.

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