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Introducing BlastShieldTM

BlastShield™ is the most advanced private network solution available for protection of critical infrastructure and data from cyber-attack. BlastShield is a software-only solution that deploys as an overlay to existing networks. BlastShield is network agnostic, and can be deployed over any packet-based network - making it perfect for complex industrial networks. BlastShield nodes automatically discover their peers and self organize into a peer-to-peer mesh fabric - meaning you will spend no time dealing with configuration of the network. Once the network is in place you have one touch control over access control and segmentation across the entire network.

True Zero-Trust Network Access

  • Three-surface password-less multi-factor authentication

  • Desktop client + External Key + Your personal identity

  • Streamlined authentication experience with no password exposure

  • Eliminates phishing exploits as no passwords are used

  • User privilege and visibility into the network is controlled by policy

  • Mitigates lateral movement and code propagation across the network

  • Compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems

Industrial IoT

Traditional industrial networks relied on air-gapping as a means to physically isolate critical assets from outside attack. As factories and operations are increasingly connected to the Internet, they become exposed to IT-born vulnerabilities. With BlastShield™ you can easily create a virtually isolated air-gap network that is deployed on top of your existing Internet-connected network.

  • Transport agnostic - runs over any network

  • Critical assets are isolated and invisible to outsiders

  • Protected assets appear as if they are on a single LAN

  • Legacy system protection - no agent required

  • Easily create policies for remote access into the network

  • Zero configuration deployment

  • Easily manage M2M, M2A, H2M and H2A segmentation

  • No VPN or Firewalls required

Secure Surveillance

With the expansion of WFH and remote operations, video surveillance has experienced rapid growth as a vehicle for managing, operating and securing remote facilities and systems. Protection of these surveillance networks is vital for insuring that sensitive video content is not leaked, or stolen. BlastShield™ deploys in-line in your surveillance network, making it invisible to would-be attackers and eliminating the risk of accidental or malicious content leakage. With BlastShield™, you have complete control over access to video assets including cameras and video recording systems.

  • Deploys in front of any IP-based surveillance system

  • Granular access control to individual cameras and NVR's

  • Eliminates risk of unwanted content leakage

  • Multiple deployment options - run on any x86 hardware

  • Edge-to-edge protection (Cameras, NVR, Cloud)

  • Zero configuration deployment

  • No VPN or Firewalls required

Military & Government

A common military application involves remote control of a secured asset. BlastShield™ is uniquely suited to “lights out” secure remote command & control applications where connectivity, security and network reliability are critical.


  • Invisible mesh fabric with no attack surface

  • Cannot be detected by scanning technologies

  • Protected assets appear as if they are on a single LAN

  • Legacy system protection - no agent required

  • Real-time segmentation and access control

  • No server or concentrator bottlenecks

  • Zero configuration deployment

  • No VPN or Firewalls required

  • Remotely controllable from anywhere!

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